Certified MISMO Standards Professional (CMSP) Program

Program Overview

The Certified MISMO Standards Professional (CMSP®) is designed to equip industry professionals with a designation of excellence denoting their advanced knowledge of MISMO standards and best practices. Such a mark is sure to help individuals and companies improve their marketability, advance their standards knowle dge and demonstrate their subject matter expertise. A MISMO CMSP designation provides value to individuals, companies, and industry alike . Is this for you? The CMSP is perfect for any business or technical professional who is responsible for or working on a MISMO based implementation. This includes business and technology professionals working in data governance, business or data analysis, data transactions, project planning, resource management, data analysis or systems development.

The Process

The CMSP is a point-based program. Candidates must earn a minimum number of points to obtain and maintain their certification. See the CMSP Program Points Framework for details.

Step 1: Enroll in the Program.

  • Participants must enroll in the Program. Once enrolled, participants become CMSP candidates.
  • A CMSP program enrollment fee of $300 for MISMO Members ($500 for Non-Members) will apply.
  • Complete the CMSP Program Registration to get enrolled.

Step 2: Provide documentation.

  • Complete the CMSP Application Form .
  • This information is used to establish point status as of the enrollment date. Additional verification may occur.  
  • This step may occur concurrent with or after the CMSP candidate has completed work to earn their 100 CMSP points.
  • The information provided on the application will serve as a transcript for use upon certification renewal.

Step 3: Acquire 100 CMSP Points.

  • Candidates must acquire 100 CMSP Points in order to sit for the CMSP Exam. See the CMSP Program Points Framework for details.
    • Participation Points : Candidates must earn a minimum of 25 participation points. Candidates may earn as many as 100 participation points.
    • Education Points : Candidates may earn up to 75 education points by completing MISMO education requirements.
      • Candidates can earn up to 75 education points by completing all course requirements for the MISMO "Core" courses (Courses 1-3).
      • Candidates may also earn education points towards certification by completing MISMO "elective" courses.
  • Candidates may select from two paths to obtain required CMSP points.
    • Traditional Path: Candidate acquires required CMSP points from a combination of participation and MISMO education.
    • Seasoned Path: Candidate acquires required CMSP points solely from participation in the organization.

Step 4: Prepare to take the Exam.

  • Candidates must obtain a reference from a member of the MISMO Leadership Team (Residential Standards Govenance Committee Member, Council of Chairs Member, Committee Chairman, Board Member) in order to be eligible to take the CMSP Certification Exam. See Reference Form for more details.
  • Candidates should review the CMSP exam Study Outline prior to taking the exam.

Step 5: Take the Exam.

  • Candidates must Register for the CMSP Certification Exam . An Exam Fee of $200 for MISMO Members ($400 for Non-Members) will apply.
  • Complete the exam with a 75% or higher score to earn a passing grade.
  • Candidates who fail the exam will be given 10 days to take and pass a second exam. Should the candidate fail the second exam, the candidate must wait six months before taking a subsequent re-test. A CMSP re-test fee of $100 for MISMO Members ($300 for Non-Members) will apply for each subsequent attempt after the six month waiting period.

Step 6: Be Recognized.

  • Successful CMSP candidates will be recognized on mismo.org and at MISMO Summits .
  • See list of Current CMSPs. This list is also posted on the MISMO homepage.
  • CMSP Program appeals must be brought to the Education Operating Committee. See Appeals Process document for more details.

Step 7: Maintain your Certification.

  • Certificate holders must earn 25 total points every two years with a minimum of 15 participation points in order to maintain their CMSP certification.
  • Participants must Register to renew their certification. If a renewal is not completed within one year of the expiration of the certification, the participant must start the CMSP process over from the beginning (including re-taking the exam) in order to renew their certification.
  • Provide documentation.  A Certificate Maintenance Fee of $100 for MISMO Members ($200 for Non-Members) will apply.
    • Candidates must complete and submit a CMSP Renewal Candidate Form documenting applicable MISMO participation and education.
    • This information will be used to establish point status. Additional verification may occur.

Learn More

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