e-Eligibility Exchange Release Notes

MISMO e-Eligibility Exchange Version release-2023.05.1.1-126f4cb

  • Added Tooltip that displays in Industry Segment Digital Mortgage Criteria Results box that shows information about the when the requirements were entered into the MISMO e-Eligibility Exchange. 
  • Added Additional Comments box associated to the "Does your organization require approval of the RON provider for the closing?" in the Title Underwriter question set. 



MISMO e-Eligibility Exchange Version release-2023.01.0.0-e663b3e

  • Changed the label for "County" to "Recording Jurisdiction"



MISMO e-Eligibility Exchange Version release-2022.08.0.0-8dd2a28

  • Added Release Version Number for Admins. 
  • Added Last Updated date to e-Eligibility Requirement Cards. 
  • Added an FAQ with information about how Admins can manage their Company users.
  • Updated FAQ links to use the address to the new MISMO website URLs.  
  • Updated the e-Eligibility Requirements display so that the More/Less expanders appear when more than 140 characters are entered in a text box.
  • Removed the ability for Company Admin Users to change their own role type.



MISMO e-Eligibility Exchange - Initial Release 

  • Ability for MISMO Members and Innovation Fee Payers to login to perform an e-Eligibility Search.
  • Functionality to manage users associated to a company. 
  • Ability to enter digital mortgage criteria by Investor, Title Underwriter, Settlement Branch, Warehouse Lender, Servicer, Subservicer, Warehouse, and Custodian.