MISMO’s Initiative Sponsorship Program: FAQs

Q: Which workgroups can be sponsored?
A: Find a current list of MISMO workgroups here.


Q: How much is an initiative sponsorship?
A: Email [email protected] for more info!


Q: How long is the initiative sponsorship commitment period?
A: MISMO provides several options for initiative sponsorship commitments. The standard commitment is 3 months, but there is also an opportunity to commit for one calendar year or to sponsor an initiative for the entirety of its production process.


Q: Can more than one company sponsor the same initiative? If so, is there a limit to the number of sponsors for the same initiative?
A: Yes! More than one company can sponsor the same initiative. However, there is also an option to reserve exclusive sponsorship of an initiative. Please contact us for more info!


Q: How can my organization learn more about sponsoring an initiative?
A: Send us a note MISMO.org! We would love to share more about our initiative sponsorship offerings and talk about opportunities that may be a good fit for your organization.


Q: Because an organization sponsors an initiative, does that mean that they get extra influence over the process?
A: No. While there are valuable marketing opportunities associated with MISMO’s initiative sponsorship program, sponsors are not given additional influence over the development of standards or other MISMO products.

Standards development will continue to be governed in accordance with documented polices posted at Policies and Procedures | MISMO.