Technology Certifications 

MISMO Technology Certifications allow providers to demonstrate their products compliance with MISMO standards and requirements. MISMO certifications provide a multitude of benefits for technology providers and mortgage industry participants such as loan originators, settlement agents, title underwriters, and investors. These benefits include:


  • Provides clarity and transparency on which technology providers comply with the applicable MISMO standards/certification requirements;
  • Reduces or potentially eliminates the resource burden of duplicative assessment, certification, and approval processes of technology providers by individual mortgage industry participants;
  • Provides a consistent assessment process of technology providers;
  • Decreases the risk of technology providers' non-compliance with MISMO standards/certification requirements
  • Facilitates earlier identification and remediation of issues to mitigate their impact;
  • Supports the integrity and scalability of mortgage technology platforms across the mortgage ecosystem.


To learn more about each of the technology-related certifications, please select the certification you are interested in below.

eClose Certification
Verifies that an eClosing System complies with the MISMO eClosing System Certification Requirements and industry best practices. 
eVault Certification

Ensures an eVault Provider's platform, procedures, and policies comply with the MISMO eVault System Standards and industry  best practices.

RON Certification
Confirms that a RON System, procedures, and policies comply with the MISMO RON Standards and industry best practices. 
SMART Doc® Certification

Ensures that a system has properly implemented industry standards and best practices for creating and validating V1 SMART Docs® and V3 SMART Docs®

Product Certification
Verification that an interface, data exchange, or API complies with MISMO Product Certification Standards