eVault System Certification

The MISMO eVault System Certification confirms that an eVault’s functionality, procedures, and policies comply with the MISMO eVault Standards. The process consists of a review of the information and documentation provided with your application and a demonstration of the eVault System. MISMO will review the provided information, documentation, and demonstration artifacts to ensure compliance with the MISMO eVault Standards. Each organization can remediate and resubmit for further review by MISMO. MISMO then makes a final determination as to whether an eVault becomes certified. The MISMO certification does not verify compliance with any particular federal, state, county, or other governing/regulatory body laws, regulations, rules, or requirements.  

The eVault Standards include SMART Doc® V1.02 validation rules, which is a separate certification within MISMO that must be obtained in conjunction with the eVault System certification. For more information on the SMART Doc® Validation Rules Certification, please see the MISMO SMART Doc eNote Validation Rules Requirements.

To ensure your platform is ready to meet the certification requirements please review the MISMO eVault Standards.

See the full list of MISMO eVault System Certified Providers

To apply for the MISMO eVault System Certification, please follow these steps:

  • Step 4: Submit the forms, agreement, and documentation noted in steps 1 - 3 by email to [email protected] with the subject line "MISMO eVault System Certification".  
MISMO will inform you of the applicable certification fees and payment options, which must be paid prior to the start of the certification process.

To see the full certification program disclaimer follow this link: MISMO Software Compliance Certification Disclaimer.