Logical Data Model

MISMO's Logical Data Model (LDM) is a business centric model that makes it easier for organizations to communicate regardless of the technologies they choose to use for communicating with business partners. The LDM supports XML, as MISMO has always done, and also supports JSON, which is the technology of choice for consumer transactions but is not limited to either since the LDM was built using UML® a standard modeling language created by the Object Management Group®.

MISMO's LDM was built using Unified Modeling Language (UML®) 2.5, a common standard created by the Object Management Group®. UML consists of an integrated set of diagrams that help specify, visualize, construct and document software or business systems. MISMO has also created a set of user guidelines to help industry participants adopt and implement the LDM in their business processes.

MISMO now offers an Enhanced Logical Data Dictionary (ELDD) corresponding to version 3.5 LDM for MISMO member access.  An updated ELDD will be available for version 3.6 soon.

Version 3.6 of the MISMO Logical Data Model was approved as Candidate Recommendation status in May of 2023.

MISMO Logical Data Model Versions to date: