Term Type Descriptions

Terms are used to add context to terms included in the MISMO Business Glossary. Every term in the Glossary is assigned one and only one Term Type.

Term TypeDescription

Represents an individual, entity, or a collection of individuals or entities.  They are often associated with a particular role in the mortgage process.



Represents data points as documented in Version 3.5 of the MISMO Logical Data Dictionary (LDD).  It also includes items from a third party source (e.g., amounts, dates, calculations, rates, and numbers).



A formally named grouping of information (e.g., Uniform Residential Loan Application).



Thing that happens, especially one that is of importance (e.g., an act of God; accident; accretion).  It occurs at a particular date or time period.


A category for terms that do not fall into one of the other defined category types.



Represents an action, or actions, to be taken (e.g., Take Loan Application; Underwrite Loan; Close Loan; Origination; etc.).  A process tends to occur over time.



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