Membership in MISMO is open to anyone-mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers, third-party vendors and individuals. Every MISMO member receives a voice in creating new data standards used by the entire industry, and that's not all. Corporate memberships are available for just $3500.  

By joining MISMO, you get:

• Free tools and resources to improve loan quality and lower costs

• Opportunities to collaborate with industry peers

• Instant credibility with business partners and customers

• Potential early insights into new reporting rules and guidelines

• Access to industry contacts and conference attendee lists

• Membership includes the MISMO End-User License and, new, Distributor License 

• Sponsorship opportunities at industry events-and much, much more

• A 5% discount on SPARX, the new tool of choice for MISMO's Logical Data Model and potentially other offerings. Members can click HERE for information on how to obtain the discount.

Best of all, members receive instant access to MISMO data standards in any format-as well as access to new standards before they are publicly released.

Why wait? Join today!  

Current Members - Check out the 2020 Membership Letter About Renewals

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