Architecture Workgroup

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What is the Architecture Workgroup?

The Architecture Work Group manages MISMO engineering disciplines providing overall technical direction and support for all MISMO Products. AWG is responsible to ensure that MISMO Products follow all published MISMO Engineering Guidelines (MEGs) and other established product development guidelines.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Decision changes or enhancements to MISMO Products submitted specific to approved Work Requests.  

  • Provide guidance and suggestions for architectural improvements to MISMO standards and models.

  • Coordinate and integrate approved changes or enhancements to MISMO Standards into model(s) and MISMO Collateral as appropriate, including subsequent revisions. Ensure that changes are consistent with MEGs as appropriate.

  • Create new MISMO Products (own work requests assigned to AWG)

  • Develop, review, publish, and maintain the MEGs as needed to support all MISMO Products.

Work Request in Progress:

AWG also is accounted for managing work request with actively in progress. We are always looking for fresh ideas and additional volunteers to join the fun.  

Work Request # and Name

  • WR2020_08 MEG Review (2021-2022)
  • WR2022_26, WR2022_27, WR2022_28 MEG Review (2023)

In the final stage of completing the updates to the remaining MEGs included in these work requests.

List includes: MEG 0002, MEG 0004, MEG 0005 and MEG 0040.

  • WR2020_10 Create Unique Identifier Approach and Rules

Initial creation of work products is completed and approved by AWG.

On hold temporarily until the Reference Model Updates to Version 3.6 RM Artifacts (Phase 1 and 2) are completed.

  • WR2023_13 ELDD Update with and without Unique IDs

Updates have been made to the ELDDs and approved by AWG.

On hold temporarily until the Reference Model Updates to Version 3.6 RM Artifacts (Phase 1 and 2) are completed.

  • WR2024_06: Update Version 3.6 RM Artifacts
  • WR2024_07: New Version 3.6 RM Artifacts Updates

Newly approved with work underway.


How to Join

Anyone may participate in a MISMO development workgroup or community of practice regardless of membership status.  Voting members of Information Management and Architecture Workgroup are elected as per governance procedures.  Membership in MISMO is open to anyone - mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, servicers, vendors, government agencies and more. MISMO members receive a voice, and vote, in creating and enhancing industry standards used by the entire industry.  Learn more here.

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Bill Klumper, FirstStep Software Systems, Co-Chair
Domenic Virgilio, United Wholesale Mortgage, Co-Chair


Becky Griswold, MISMO
[email protected]  


Chris TrujilloMISMO
[email protected]

Meeting Schedule

Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 2-3pm EST. 
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