Get Involved

The Advantages of MISMO Participation

Problem Resolution - Eliminate Hassles and Save Money: Every industry has inefficient practices that do not add value. This results in dissatisfied customers and employees and wasted money.  MISMO identifies issues and brings experts together to create solutions.  When your organization experiences inefficient or ineffective practices, bring the issue to MISMO for resolution. Save time, money, and make everyone happier.

Be Part of the Action: Join MISMO and work with other experts to solve important business issues. Lend your voice and expertise to help shape the future and ensure that the needs of your company are addressed. Participate in MISMO initiatives to get an early view into developing standards, reporting requirements, and more. Get involved and quickly build your expertise around the standards to benefit you and your organization.

Innovate and Influence the industry: MISMO brings innovation to the mortgage ecosystem, including the digitalization of the process. Get involved in any of the numerous MISMO workgroups focused on digital including the API Toolkit (JSON); Digital Loan Modifications; eMortgage; and eVault Interoperability workgroups.  We also have several other initiatives underway including the Industry Loan Application Dataset (iLAD); Closing Instructions; and Servicing Transfers workgroups waiting for your involvement. Without standards, each industry participant and agency would create its own proprietary reporting formats and information exchanges.   Check out the long list of initiatives underway.

Get Educated and Get Ahead: Learn by collaborating across the mortgage ecosystem. Interaction among lenders, product vendors, service providers, investors and regulators leads to unexpected opportunities to hear something new.  Network with the MISMO community and enhance the knowledge and skills of your employees and increase the capability of your organization.    

Be an Industry Leader: Take advantage of the opportunity to position your company as an industry leader -  become a MISMO Champion.   

How to Get Involved with MISMO  

Participate in a Work Group. MISMO Work Groups are where the standards are made. Learn how to participate in a MISMO Industry or Development Work Group by clicking here. MISMO has workgroups focused on functional areas across the mortgage loan lifecycle.

Attend a MISMO Event or Webinar. Learn about MISMO through our events and webinars. Our meetings allow you to collaborate on the industry's most pressing business issues with various MISMO industry work groups. Engage in MISMO implementation "how to" sessions with industry experts and practitioners. Make plans to part of the next MISMO Summit!  

Get Certified. Is your product MISMO Compliant? Prove it. Only products certified through the MISMO Software Compliance Certification program may claim that they are truly MISMO Compliant. Differentiate your product from others in the market by participating in the Certification Program. 

Earn your CMSP® (Certified MISMO Standards Professional) designation. The CMSP is designed to equip industry professionals with a designation of excellence denoting their advanced knowledge of MISMO standards and best practices.  

Become a memberJoin MISMO. Support MISMO by becoming a member and enjoy the many benefits of membership.  MISMO depends on member support to administer and evolve the organization's work and resources to support the industry. If your organization would like to provide support to MISMO above and beyond the normal membership you may want to participate in the MISMO Champions program.

Learn More. MISMO offers training in a variety of formats and content so that you can gain the knowledge you need to effectively leverage the standards to resolve business issues and improve efficiencies. MISMO offers educational opportunities for both business and technology professionals.  Check out the latest classes from MISMO today