eMessaging and ePackaging

eMessaging: This document provides implementation guidance for the MISMO Request/Response messaging structure for use with eMortgage applications.

ePackaging: The purpose of this document is to provide a specification for a collection of related SMART Documents, called a package. The resulting package of documents will be in a form that is suitable for transmission as well as archival purposes. In order to reduce implementation complexity and to promote the ease of adoption, the scope of the packaging specification does not include compression of the package. Additionally, the packaging specification does not address storage or archival requirements. The purpose of the packaging specification is to provide a flexible yet simple mechanism to collect a set of SMART Documents or encoded embedded files for exchange between two trading partners. Messages about the type of package, routing and transmission protocols and processing instructions are outside of the scope of this specification.

The release and use of MISMO standards and other resources, including  the eMessaging and ePackaging Components , are governed by the MISMO  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy.

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ePackaging Requirements V1.0
eMessaging Implementation Guide V1.0
ePackaging Specification V1.0
ePackaging Implementation Guide V1.0
eMortgage Package DTD V2.4
eMessaging Specification (MISMO Enveloping Request/Response) V2.4


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