eMortgage Glossary

The MISMO eMortgage Glossary has been updated to include approximately 20 new terms and definitions that have been created since prior publication in 2020.  It was updated in collaboration with other industry organizations to help ensure that industry professionals are using consistent language thus helping to reduce friction and increase interoperability.

The eMortgage Glossary serves as an important reference tool for those who are interested in digital/eMortgage lending.  The MISMO® eMortgage Glossary includes terms and descriptions related to eMortgages. It serves as a companion resource for the MISMO "e" related guides, such as the eClosing and SMART Doc® guides, and for other "e" related products.

The eMortgage Glossary is included in the comprehensive MISMO Business Glossary, you can access the eMortgage Glossary terms directly by using the access information links below.

The release and use of MISMO standards and other resources, including  the eMortgage Glossary , are governed by the MISMO Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy.

Industry participants who have comments or questions about the eMortgage Glossary may contact MISMO at [email protected].

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