This compilation, eSigned PDF Guidelines, published by MISMO, provides implementation guidance for creating electronically signed PDF documents using the Adobe PDF specification.  

This guidance focuses on Portable Document Format (PDF) v. 1.6. PDF is a file format for representing documents in a device independent and resolution independent format. PDF files are self contained, they include the text, fonts, bitmap images, and vector graphics that compose the document. PDF files are not dependant on the application software, hardware, or operating system originally used to create or view the document. A PDF file will render exactly the same regardless of its origin or destination. Adobe's licensing of the PDF specification allows anyone to create applications that read and write PDF files without having to pay royalties to Adobe Systems. Adobe has a number of patents relating to the PDF format, but licenses them on a royalty-free basis for use in developing software that complies with the PDF specification.1 This availability of PDF has encouraged its widespread adoption by many industries through de facto standardization, formal adoption or mandates, and the development of industry-specific guidance.

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