MISMO Engineering Guideline (MEG) 21

MISMO Engineering Guideline (MEG) 21 provides guidance for Term Name, Data Point Name, Enumerated Value and Container Name Representations. MEG 21 was approved as FINAL in July of 2021.

MISMO's Architecture Workgroup has recently made adjustments to MEG 21 to account for the following:

Updated mentions of "XML" to "data interchange" to prepare for the use of JSON and possibly other serialization formats.

Changed reference to MEG 0008 (deprecated) to the Logical Data Dictionary.

Corrected the email address for comments.

The release and use of MISMO standards and other resources, including the MISMO Engineering Guide (MEG) 21, are governed by the MISMO Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy. For more information on the policy, please click here.

Access Information for Members

MISMO Members can access MEG 21 within the Resource Library housed on MISMO's Collaboration Site, "MISMO Connect" here

Access Information for Non-Members

Non-MISMO members can access MEG 21 here

For more information contact [email protected]


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