MISMO is seeking public comment on the Consolidated SMART Doc® FAQ document. The 60-day public comment period runs through July 15, 2024.

The Consolidated SMART Doc® FAQ document combines information about the SMART Doc® V1.02 and SMART Doc® V3 Specifications into a single location.  Previously, there were separate FAQ documents for each specification type.

The SMART Doc® V1.02 is used industry-wide as the base for eNotes. The SMART Doc® V3 Specification was published to support the MISMO Version 3.x Reference Model. It includes 4 profile types: Basic, Retrievable, Tamper Evident, and Verifiable. The MISMO Verifiable Profile SMART Doc Development Workgroup anticipates that having information about both specifications in a single location will enable readers to find and become educated on the differences between the two specifications and help move SMART Doc® adoption forward. 

Access Information for Members

MISMO Members can access the SMART Doc® FAQ within the Resource Library housed on MISMO's Collaboration Site, "MISMO Connect"  here.

Access Information for Non-Members

Non-MISMO members can access the SMART Doc® FAQ documents here.


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