VA Form 26-1880 (Certificate of Eligibility)

Veterans who complete and send in VA Form 26-1880 are applying for a Certificate of Eligibility. VA lenders need this document as proof that a veteran is eligible for a VA guaranteed home loan, which is based on credit and income requirements. The new dataset for VA Form 26-1880 Request for a Certificate of Eligibility will provide lenders and vendors with a MISMO-standard method for completing the form. It also enables the mortgage industry to communicate in a consistent and efficient manner by using standardized MISMO data and extensions from the v3.5 MISMO Reference Model.

The dataset achieved "Candidate Recommendation" status in August 2022, which means that it has been thoroughly reviewed by a wide range of organizations and industry participants and is available for use across the industry.

What It Includes

  • MISMO VA Form 26-1880 Dataset
  • MISMO VA Form 26-1880 Sample with Fields

Access Information for Members

MISMO Members can access the VA Form in the Resource Library housed on MISMO's Collaboration Site, "MISMO Connect" here

Access Information for Non-Members

Non-MISMO members can access the VA Form here


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