API Community of Practice (CoP)

Join the API community to hear about the latest efforts, to collaborate and contribute to our work efforts!

What is the API Community of Practice?

The mortgage industry is adopting web-based APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) at an ever-increasing rate. APIs are lightweight system components which allow for simple and rapid interchange of data between organizations.    

Because of this rapid adoption, the need for data standards as well as recommended practices is greater than ever. Speaking a common data language across APIs is critical for transitioning to a digital mortgage business. Adopting standards across APIs will also allow for reduced cost, more seamless adoption, and improved consumer experience.

The API Community of Practice was formed to meet this need. Building on the effort that created the MISMO API Toolkit, the API CoP provides a forum for collaboration on standardized APIs and recommended practices for the mortgage industry. The community is open to anyone interested. Organizations from across the industry are already contributing to the community, including lenders, servicers, vendors, investors, and fintech companies.    

Through this forum the API CoP is developing: 

  • Guidelines for designing APIs according to the MISMO data standards
  • Recommended practices for API technical design and implementation
  • A library of Industry-standard APIs as well as reference implementations
  • Other tools and resources to ensure APIs adhere to the data standards

How to Join

Anyone may participate in a MISMO development workgroup or community of practice regardless of membership status.  Voting members of Information Management and Architecture Workgroup are elected as per governance procedures.  Membership in MISMO is open to anyone - mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, servicers, vendors, government agencies and more. MISMO members receive a voice, and vote, in creating and enhancing industry standards used by the entire industry.  Learn more here.

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Elizabeth Smith, USAA, Chair
Leslie Bensen
, MGIC, Vice-Chair


Meghan Tidgewell, MISMO
[email protected]  


Paul Weakley, MISMO
[email protected]

Meeting Schedule

Meets the 4th Monday of each month from 11am-12pm EST. 
Meeting URL: https://mba-org.zoom.us/j/84065426860

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