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Provided as a benefit of a MISMO membership, the Data Governance and Management Framework Charter is designed to be used by the mortgage industry (or any industry) participants as a template for standing up a Data Governance & Management Organization within their entity.  This document is the result of a collaborative mortgage industry effort. This template may be  customized, as needed, to fit any entity's specific situation.  

The Fit for Purpose Framework Sample  serves as sample guidelines to help organizations establish and summarize how to categorize and govern their data. This framework sample is meant to be customized to fit an organization's own data management structure and policy guidelines, as needed, or may be used 'as is'. 

Data management standards are needed to ensure the integrity, security and availability of mortgage data, especially when working with a variety of cloud-based and on-premise systems. MISMO's Data Governance and Management resources, developed by the Data Governance and Management Community of Practice are provided to enable organizations across the industry to leverage, adopt and implement data governance and management best practices in concert with adoption of MISMO industry standards.

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Data Governance and Management Framework Charter

Fit for Purpose Framework Sample


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